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  • Are you stressed of going for a walk with him/her for a walk without a leash?
  • Are you sorry he is not like the other trained dogs?
  • Did you give up your training because it did not lead anywhere?


  • Imagine, the dog coming on your first call. He/she is interested in you and is glad that you notice him and listens to every word you say.
  • Now imagine i tis your dog we are talking about. You do not have to feel ashamed for it anymore.

What? It is nice but certainly not real?

I have a guide, that will teach you to make it REALITY.

Klarika Niké

Specialist in online dog training


Six years ago, I was really lost, just looking for an easy way to train my dog.

Then it happened! I got under the wings of one of the best dog trainers.

She taught me amazing things that turned my life upside down and now I can turn around yours.


  • I prepared for you a guide that will raise your dog for you
    You no longer have to figure out how to teach your dog something. You can find everything in the manual and just put it into practice
  • You will learn the simplest and ultra-fast method of dog training
    Your dog will listen to you anywhere
  • You will teach your dog 9 basic commands
    To preform his/her needs outside, sit down, lie down, stay, walk on a leash, walking by your leg and coming to you, when he/she is called
  • You gain 100% assurance that the dog will to come to you when called upon
    Not only at home but mainly outside


The guide is in the form of an eBook (book in electronic form) and is divided into 21 bold chapters.)

  • 1
    The right way of training your dog will guarantee you the dog will obey
  • 2
    Dog leash as a rude word
  • 3
    Let us go for the results
  • 4
  • 5
    Core of the thing
  • 6
    What do you already know
  • 7
    The dog performs its needs outdoors
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
    Lie down
  • 11
  • 12
    Come to me
  • 13
    Walking on a leash
  • 14
    Walking by leg
  • 15
    How to train a dog in the right way
  • 16
    On a walk
  • 17
  • 18
    For whom is a clicker?
  • 19
    What can you teach your dog with a clicker?
  • 20
  • 21
    If not know, then when?


In the comfort of your home

Complete guide with instructions that are available in electronic form, accessible on a PC or any smart phone or tablet.

Instant results

This training process is different from the process dogs go through with “classical“ trainers. I guarantee you that you will fall in love with you dog. Why? For its simplicity and speed! After a few minutes, your dog listens to you and notices you, and this is a HALF OF THE WHOLE SUCCESS.

No long reading

"Only" 49 pages. You will not have to go through it for hours and days. Everything is ready for you just like that.


  • You are afraid to let your dog free outside because he/she will not listen to you
  • You are desperate because your dog destroys everything and runs away from home
  • Your dog is ignorant of you
  • You are afraid your dog will hurt someone
  • You are wasting money for dog trainers or other difficult procedures


  • You own a trained dog that you have longed for and no longer need to be ashamed of
  • Your dog listens to you and you can take him/her with you anywhere
  • Your dog is excited with practice and wants to learn new commands
  • You do not have to worry about your dog anymore
  • You save money because you can do it all by yourself

How does the eBook look inside?


The price of the eBook is 23€

I find it unnecessary to explain why is the cost so awesome. You can do the math yourself.

You pay 15€ per hour for a quality dog training coach. And what will your dog learn in an hour? Not a third of what is inside of this eBook.

In addition, you save some money for the benzine. You do not need to spend your valuable time in your car.

If (within 14 days) you find out the eBook is not for you, I will return you all the money paid.

I care for your happiness and success 🙂

You may be worried about online products...

If you are worried that an online book can not give you as much as coming to a drill or a seminar personally, then read on

Online product has several advantages 🙂

  • You can practice anytime, anywhere
    Simply carry a phone / tablet or a computer that contains the eBook with you
  • The eBook never gets lost
    In addition to the purchase, you automatically get a lifetime book update
  • Each command can be trained for as long as you need
    You just come back to it and improve it
  • No one is angry with you
    When you exercise yourself at home, nobody cares if your dog can already do this or that. You can go at your pace, depending on how much you have to practice the time
  • Individual approach
    Nobody will presonally consult thing with you – eBook does not talk, but I give you free of charge consultation to help you with your problem
  • You save a lot of money
    A quality dog training service can not be found on every corner adn so you need to ride by your care there, plus you have to pay for the course or lesson, etc. The expenses are many.

What do buyers thing about the eBook?

% of people, who bought this eBook, would do so again
And that makes me really happy! 🙂
My hobby is breeding, and I've already owned a few dogs in my life. Although I have read many books on dog training, I have had some problems with it anyway. At that time, however, I did not know anything about the education and training by clicking. I've read the first comprehensive tutorial in this eBook, which provides not only a lot of theoretical information but also invites you to action. I would recommend this eBook to every puppy owner, but also to an adult, not yet trained dog. After reading it and putting it into practice, it will be a fun training for you and for your dog an endless game.
Martin Henychauthor of eBooks and breeding expert www.martinsdog.com
The most exciting thing about the whole training is that she gets really focused. When I stop standing up against me, she sets herself up and stares at her hands, but she understands the afternoon, waiting quietly on the spot and looking into my eyes. Even before 2 days she could not observe the place, today I see great progress 🙂 By the time we did not start with this training, it was still leaping to me and I could not teach her. She understood today's day that she would not receive a pamphlet if it would not be focused. For me it is a miracle indeed. Clicker is a great helper for me and I absolutely do not regret buying my ebook. Training is fun to me and what's important! I have Jesica 6 months.. since a little puppy and for all that time I did not reach to be concentrated and in 3 days hop and it is 🙂
Jessika & Inga Jochmanová
I have to say that at first I had a bit of doubt. If it is all about writing a dog to such a short text, if it is not too much money and if it can have such good results. Soon my doubts changed into enthusiasm and certainty that they were well invested money. I learned everything what I need for the upbringing and training a dog. I would recommend this eBook EVERYBODY who has a dog and can not handle its upbringing.
Miroslav Čermák
The dog was very angry at the beginning. I got a tip from a friend on this ebook and I thought it worthwhile to try. I was excited about it. Everything is greatly done. The dog had previously ignored me, but now it listens to some of the commands. 🙂 Still working on it, but I am already happy that it is changing for the better.
Darina DomanskáTeplice 415 01, Jaselská 430
If you have any doubts whether to buy an eBook, maybe my eBook experience will help. Entertainingly and simply, there is everything you need for basic dog training. Ebook promises tips and tricks on basic commands of obedience, but there is much more in it. You will also find the experience of the breeder and her know-how. This eBook I RECOMMEND for anyone with a disobedient pet or if you want to get a dog friend soon. It saves you much time and money. Dog training is given playful and fast without any hard and inhumane training. 🙂
Bc. Veronika Vobejdová

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